It is possible to set the minimum and maximum discharge of Bernhardsluizen (ARK_Betuwepand) dependent on Lobith discharge. The minimum and maximum can be given in case Lobith discharge is under or over that criteria. 

The criteria is 1300 m3/s. It is not displayed in this table, it can be found in the file conditionalcapaciteit_QSTtakken_REF2017.csv (and in the corresponding files to the corresponding scenarios). This file also includes other brancehs whose minimum and maximum flow can be dependent on Lobith discharge: NHkanaal_Uitlaat, Linge_Lozing, NH_Inlaat_viaIJSM and AmsterBoezem_Inlaat_ARK. The Lobith discharge criteria for these branches is 100 m3/s, but there is not dependence is set as default.

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