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Wiki for model adapter

Type of model

Supplier/Owner adapter


 3Di3Di adapterHydrodynamicDeltaresNetherlands
YARMA Error CorrectionCEHUK
YBASEFLOW Baseflow SimulationNWSUSA
YCHANLOSS Channel loss SimulationNWSUSA
YCONSUSE Consumptive use of River SimulationNWSUSA
 Continuum Continuous distributed hydrological modelCIMA Foundation Italy
YDELFT-3D Delft3D adapter (NetCDF)2/3D HydrodynamicsDeltaresNetherlands
 DELFT-3D Delft3D adapter (XML)2/3D Hydrodynamics/ Water qualityDeltaresNetherlands
YD-Flow FMD-Flow FM adapter2/3D HydrodynamicsDeltaresNetherlands
 DIMRDIMR adapterDIMR is used to run a SOBEK 3 model in Delft-FEWSDeltaresNetherlands
YDODO Routing (layered Muskingum)EAUK
 DPWE Bank retreat model River bank slope stability modelDPWETaiwan
 DPWE Landslide model Transient rainfall infiltration and slope stability modelDPWETaiwan
 EFDC Environment Fluid Dynamics Code (OpenDA wrapped)EPANetherlands
 eWater Source 


(Deltares access only)

rainfall-runoff, hydrological routing, river ops, developed by eWaterFlow MattersAustralia
 FASTFAST adapterForeshore Assessment using Space TechnologyDeltaresNetherlands
 FIATFIAT adapter DeltaresNetherlands
YFlux 1D HydrodynamicsScietecAustria
 GeNIeGeNIe adapterBayesian NetworkTuDelftNetherlands
YGLACIER Glacier simulationNWSUSA
 Grid2Grid Distributed Hydrologic ModelCEHUK
YHBVHBV pdfRainfall-Runoff (inc snowmelt)SHMISweden
YHEC-HMSHEC-HMS adapter or pdf HydrologicalUSACE/DeltaresUSA
YHEC-RASHEC-RAS adapter or pdfHydrodynamicUSACE/RMAUSA
YHEC-ResSim Reservoir SimulationUSACE/DeltaresUSA
 Het Wageningen Model Rainfall-RunoffHaskoningNetherlands
YHSPF Hydrological Simulation Program-Fortran (OpenDA wrapped)EPANetherlands

HydPy adapter

(+ code repository link)

Hydrological framework (includes e. g. versions of HBV and LARSIM)BCE/BfG Germany
YHydrotelHydrotel adapterDistributed Rainfall-RunoffINRS-Eau, Québec, Canada / DeltaresCanada
YiMODiMOD AdapterGroundwater model coupled to unsaturated zone + crop growth models (iMODFLOW-MetaSWAP-WOFOST)DeltaresNetherlands

Model specific file,

(Deltares access only)

HydrodynamicCH2M HILLUK
 JFlowJFLOW adapter2D Hydraulic ModelJBA ConsultingUK
YKW Routing (kinematic wave)CEHUK
YLAG/K Routing (hydrological)NWSUSA
 LISFLOOD-FP 2D hydrodynamic model (floodplain inundation), University of Bristol WMOUK
YMCRM Rainfall-RunoffEAUK
YMike11(Deltares access only)HydrodynamicsDHIDenmark
 Modflow96/VKD  3D groundwaterDeltares/Adam TaylorNetherlands/UK
YNAM Rainfall-RunoffDHIDenmark

NASIMMORE INFO IN PROGRESSRainfall-RunoffHydrotecGermany
YOpenDAOpenDA adapterOpen Data Assimilation softwareOpenDA association/DeltaresNetherlands
 OpenStreams OpenStreams (General adapter or/and OpenDA wrapped)DeltaresNetherlands
 PCOverslag PCOverslag adapterCalculation of wave overtopping and wave runupDeltaresNetherlands
YPCRASTER Dynamic Modelling SoftwarePcraster environmental softwareNetherlands

Model specific file,

(Deltares access only)

 PREVAH  Distributed Rainfall-RunoffWSL-Switzerland Switzerland
YPRTF Event Based RRPlanBUK
YRaven Semi-Distributed Rainfall-RunoffNRC-CNRCCanada
YRESSNGL Reservoir SimulationNWSUSA
 REW Distributed Rainfall-RunoffDeltaresNetherlands
YRIBASIM Water distribution + ReservoirDeltaresNetherlands
YRSNELEV Rain Snow Elevation SimulationNWSUSA
YRTC Tools  Real-Time Control, Model Predictive Control, Reservoir SimulationDeltaresNetherlands
YSacramento Rainfall-RunoffDeltaresNetherlands
YSAC-SMA Rainfall-RunoffNWSUSA
YSACSMA-HT Rainfall-Runoff (Heat Transfer)NWSUSA
YSARROUTE Routing (hydrological)NWSUSA
 SelfeWWMII Circulation model, Open Source Model and wikiUniversité de La RochelleUSA, France
YSnow17 Snow MeltNWSUSA
YSOBEK  Hydrodynamics, Water Quality, RRDeltaresNetherlands
 SOBEK-2d  Linked 1d/2d inundation modellingDeltaresNetherlands
YSSARRESV Reservoir SimulationNWSUSA
 StarWars Transient rainfall infiltration and slope stability modelUtrecht UniversiteitNetherlands
YSTF Transfer functionsEAUK
 SWANSWAN adapterWave modelDeltaresNetherlands
YSynHP HydrodynamicsBfGGermany
 TALSIM-NG Rainfall-Runoff, routing (hydrological), reservoir simulationSYDRO Consult GmbHGermany
YTCM Rainfall-RunoffCEHUK
 Telemac Free-surface maritime or river hydraulic model (2D)Open Source Model Adapter by IMDCBelgium
YTETIS  Hydrologic ModelUniversity Polytechnic of ValenciaSpain
YTOPKAPI Rainfall-RunoffUniv. of BolognaItaly
YTOPKAPI-X Rainfall-RunoffIdrologia & Ambiente S.r.l.Italy
YTRITON Surge propagation/OvertoppingPlanBUK
YTU-FLOW 2D HydrodynamicsBMT GlobalUK, AUS
YTWAM 2D HydrodynamicsPlanBUK
YUnit-HG Unit-HydrographNWSUSA
YURBS (exe 2008)(Deltares access only)rainfall-runoff and hydrological routingDon CarollAustralia

URBS (java 2013)URBS parameter adapterrainfall-runoff and hydrological routingDeltaresNetherlands
 WALRUS Wageningen Lowland Runoff Simulator Wageningen UniversityNetherlands
YWandaWanda AdapterWaterhammer modelDeltaresNetherlands
 WASIM-ETH  Distributed Rainfall-RunoffJoerg SchullaSwitzerland
YWESWES adapterWind Enhancement SchemeDeltaresNetherlands
 WW3WW3 model adapterWave modelDeltaresNetherlands
 XBeachXBeach Adaptermorphodynamic modelDeltaresNetherlands