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This page disseminates OpenEarth products. The installers are easy-installable software packages, including the necessary program files, documentation, etc. The toolboxes are collections of routines (Matlab, Python, etc) from the OpenEarth repository. In order to get access to the entire collection of OpenEarth tools, you are invited to join the OpenEarth community (click here for more information).


Name Description
Delft Dashboard An information system developed by Deltares aimed at facilitating the use of data and (expert) knowledge in coastal problems. It does so by supporting modellers as much as possible in the efforts needed to set up new models and manage and use existing ones enabling researchers to quickly try out innovative approaches by advanced prototyping.
Detran A program for calculating sediment transport rates through arbitrarily chosen transects on the basis of gridded transport data (for example model output).
Muppet For advanced post-processing of model output (especially Delft3D)
Ucit An information system developed by Deltares aimed at facilitating the use of data and (expert) knowledge in coastal problems. It does so by providing flexible access to and integration of various types of measurement data, models and analysis routines.
SuperTrans Offers an easy-to-use platform to convert coordinates between numerous of coordinates systems.
SWANmud Special version of SWAN with dispersion relation and damping source terms for a two-layer system: fluid mud (viscous fluid) below and water on top.


Name Description
Google Plot Google Earth toolbox (part of OpenEarthTools)
SWAN Tools to process SWAN files (part of OpenEarthTools)
Coordinate conversion A matlab toolbox to convert coordinates between numerous of coordinates systems.
XBeach XBeach toolbox to read and write XBeach files, setup entire models and visualise or analyse XBeach results
Probabilistic Toolbox Generic toolbox for probabilistic computations
Ocean Data View (ODV) toolbox Toolbox for reading, plotting and meta-data handling of ODV ascii form from OceanDataView (part of OpenEarthTools)


Name Description
IMDIS 2013
On IMDIS three abstracts were presented via two posters (1, 2) and an oral presentation (3)
1. Towards Open Monitoring Data within marine monitoring projects
2. Enabling connectivity between sources through customizable web interface
3. Coastviewer: a tool to enable the visualization of marine and coastal data (and presentation)
North Sea days 2012
Poster presented on North Sea Days as part of presentation about Monitoring on the North Sea
NCK 2012
NCK proceedings paper on GooglePlot toolbox
WODCON proceedings paper on OpenEarth philosophy
Poster eco-informaticscongres
Poster presented on the eco-informatics congres on december 8th at CWI University of Amsterdam. Subtitle: The silver bullet for ecology.
Poster presented on the 2nd Annual meeting of VECTORS in Portorož, Slovenia.
Factsheet PMR-NCV
A fact sheet describing the technical aspects of the PMR-NCV monitoring project.
SprintSession 18-12-2012
Announcement sprint session to be held at Deltares (Delft) at 18th of December 2012
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